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List of Tenant Fees:

Default Payment ChargeIf you pay the rent at least 7 days late, we can charge you interest calculated at a Bank of Enlgand base rate plus 3% APR.
*All above charges are included in the Tenancy Agreement with more details.
You will be supplied a DRAFT Tenancy Agreement prior to committing to commence a tenancy.
Actual costs for any damage caused to alarms or lights. *
Actual costs for any treatment needed to get rid of fleas, ants, mice, wasps nests and other pests. *
Actual costs for call-outs because you have locked yourself out of the property. *
Actual costs for damage to door and windows if the police break into the property. *
Actual costs we must pay if we have to sort out returned keys. *
Delay in reporting maintenance issuesActual costs for further damage should you fail to report any fault or repair we are responsible for. *
Holding deposit to reserve a property.This is refundable and you should not pay more than one week’s rent.
Insurance ClaimsYou may be charged the excess fee for any insurance claims. *
Missed Appointments Actual costs for failing to keep an appointment with a workman once arranged or refusing entry. *
Tenancy Agreement ClausesActual costs for any call-outs made by you, and you have provided us or the agent with incorrect information. *

We accept all debit/credit cards, bank transfer and cheques. Please note we do not accept cash

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